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How did we begin, and what have we achieved so far?


An Idea Is Born

The idea of a mass transition to remote work is emerging, and it emphasizes the need to stay close to devices during development. As remote work becomes more common, it’s essential to have easy access to hardware resources, especially when developing software or managing devices.

Our products

USBoNET: Share USB devices over LAN/NET and Internet

High Figure, renowned for its expertise in software product development, has consistently pushed the envelope with innovations designed to address specific market needs. One such offering is USBoNET. This exemplary product highlights the company’s acumen in recognizing and filling a niche in the world of digital connectivity.



Usbohub transcends mere technological jargon; it embodies a profound shift in how we perceive USB connections. Unlike conventional USB hubs, which are tangible hardware units enabling connections among various devices and a single computer, Usbohub introduces a groundbreaking idea with its cloud-based virtual hub.

Licensoid: Simplifying Software Licensing


Licensoid emerges as a beacon, transforming the convoluted task of license management into a streamlined and intuitive process. Beyond just being a tool, it offers insights, analytics, and a centralized system, ensuring businesses remain compliant, cost-efficient, and operationally smooth. This innovative solution not only highlights the expertise of High Figure in understanding market intricacies but also cements its position as a leading software product development company.



Usbovendor elevates device management to a new echelon, enabling an extended device reach and enhancing real-time monitoring capabilities. Users can effortlessly link USB devices to Ethernet networks, liberating them from the constraints of physical proximity and broadening the horizons of remote device control.

We will make tasks easier and make them circulate into the team, because our tools are:


People operations is about providing your team with the right tools and support to get the job done. We make benefits, software, hardware, time off and reviews available in a single place, as simple as drag and drop. So, your team can focus on their job rather than learning internal processes.


Create a better employee experience by building your people operations systems and processes around your people. With self-service and seamless approvals, your team does not have to jump through hoops to get the resources they need.


When you keep things simple, less goes wrong and there is less to maintain and get distracted by. With us, you can use fewer tools and simpler processes to promote reliability, engagement and lots of up time.

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