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Welcome to the Future of Device Management with USBoNET!


Greetings from the heart of innovation, USBoNET!

We’re thrilled to usher you into a new era of USB over Ethernet and USB over IP solutions. Imagine a reality where devices, be it printers or scanners, can be accessed without wires, almost like having a USB Internet or Internet USB at your fingertips. Well, with USBoNET, it’s not a just an imagination anymore.

Key features

Gate Mode

This feature ensures seamless sharing and accessibility of USB devices across the network. This integration means you can effortlessly extend the reach of your USB devices, making them more versatile and adaptable to various networking scenarios

For those ambitious teams with wide-reaching projects, our distinctive ‘Gate Mode’ becomes an essential tool, especially when you’re looking to simplify USB redirection with our state-of-the-art USB redirector technology.


Large teams, with the challenges of synchronizing various devices and facilitating rapid data exchange, often grapple with physical limitations. But, with our USB extender over Ethernet and USB over Ethernet extender functionalities, such limitations are now obsolete.


USBoNET serves as the unexpectable useful bridge  – a seamless ethernet over USB connector, embodying the essence of USB network integration. Whether it’s USB 3.0 over Ethernet, USB C over Ethernet, or USB 3 over Ethernet, our platform effortlessly merges these realms, positioning USBoNET as the pinnacle of network USB solutions.

Manage the application from the browser

WEB-admin management is a cloud-based solution that lets you manage your desktop clients from anywhere. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing tasks such as software installation, security configuration, and remote access. WEB-admin management is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, as it can help to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency


Support multiple devices at once

USBoNET is built to handle multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal for larger teams and complex projects.

Use Isolation

Protect your ports from unauthorized access by restricting access to them separately by users. This can help to improve security and prevent malicious attacks, such as port scanning and denial-of-service attacks. By isolating your ports, you can also make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to your system and steal sensitive data.


Feel our user-friendliness

USBoNET has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. While any new tool requires a bit of familiarization, our intuitive interface and comprehensive guides make the process straightforward.

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Activate USBoNET on a two system and share local USB devices with remote users.
Single license allows up to 10 USB devices that can be shared simultaneously on a single computer.

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Current version

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WEB administrator



per year

Requires Single license or Single license Gate
Allows you to control from anywhere in the world

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USBoNET for Mac

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USBoNET for Mac

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Dive into the world of USBoNET, and discover the ease of virtual device management like never before!