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A quick guide to Connecting USB devices to a remote desktop

Connecting USB devices to a remote desktop is a technology for transferring data using a network connection. It allows you to organize quick access to information from anywhere in the world, especially for companies that work remotely.
We will explain all the features and advantages of this technology and show all the advantages of a USB remote desktop connection.

Understanding USB Over Network Technology

USB remote desktop connection technology transfers data via remote access to a USB port. This allows several devices to connect to one port at once, greatly simplifying data exchange.
You need a unique program for a USB remote desktop connection to work. You can use the solution from High Figure. We offer USB remote connection software, which will allow you to quickly and safely transfer any data. This universal technology will significantly simplify the work of any business. You can use it to speed up the transfer of data to remote employees and manage technology and equipment.

How USB Over Network Software Works

You are most likely interested in how to connect USB to a remote desktop. The program has bidirectional access. This means that you can connect to client ports remotely, and clients can also connect to ports on your computer.

User programs are installed on all devices from which access will be performed. The technology works very simply:

the user opens a remote port on his device;
the network processes the request;
user receives access to files on the USB devices.

The user program interface is similar to a standard window with a USB connection, making it easy for users of any level to understand how the technology works.
It is worth noting that the administrator can restrict user access. It can completely close the port or give access to only some of the information. Thus, the employee will see only those folders and files which the administrator extended and gave an access password.

Key Features to Look for in USB Over Network Software

With a remote desktop USB connection, you can easily access your media from anywhere in the world. It is very convenient because there is no need to use a physical connection — you do not need to transfer the device to a remote computer.

The main advantages of the technology are:

Centralized management. All information is stored on storage media or the administrator’s computer. It manages data, gives and denies access to other users.

Instant access to information. Remote users can quickly access all the necessary files.

High level of protection. Connecting USB via RDP uses multi-level encryption, which eliminates the possibility of hacking or data leakage during the information flow transfer.

Compatibility with different devices. The technology can transmit data and control office equipment, such as a printer, scanner, and other devices. You can install it on a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet which run on the Windows 10/11 operating system or on an intel/ARM processor.

With a remote USB connection, you can significantly improve business productivity. Technology enables employees to be flexible and mobile no matter where they are. It can also be used to work with clients. For example, when creating products, to store a sample for reporting.

Choosing the Right USB Over Network Software for Your Business

It would be best if you decided on your needs to choose the appropriate USB remote desktop connection option. Technology can only be used to transmit data, organize work processes, or control office equipment. Determining the need will help you select the right software to handle the required load level accurately.

It is also worth paying attention to the type of compatibility. You need to check whether the remote desktop USB connection suits the operating systems you are using.

One key factor is the level of protection. Our technologies use multi-level encryption, which reliably protects information flows. You can be sure that the data will not fall into third hands.

For uninterrupted operations, it is worth deciding technologies with a high level of performance. They provide fast data transfer with minimal load. To determine the required level of performance, you need to know how many users will connect to remote access and for which devices you will use the USB remote desktop connection.Remote USB connection is a unique technology for your business. You can use it to access information or control various devices remotely. The high level of security guarantees the protection of data transmission, and the simplicity of operation makes it easy to understand the controls.

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